WordPress blog optimisation with NGINX and Cacheing

What is now?

Page without Caching support on NGINX server


I use some web toll for check how fast the website is loaded:


second toll for checking is in PLESK panel:


WP Super Cache

this plugin is working only with apache2, he use the mod_rewrite

I use WP Cache plugin:

Test after activation the WP super cache

Page is loaded in time 4.2s, before was 4.7s

0.5 second is not so much


Google PageSpeed Insights has the same results

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is not Working togheter with WP Super Cache

Test Result



Page Caching support on Apache2 server

with WP Super Cache


WP Fastest Cache on Apache2


Test Result



WP super Cache on Apache2

Test on plesk

Webtest: 4,6s



After changing a theme from BAZEL to ORIA

Apache2 without Cache



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