the right domain name for Industry: Internet of Things (IOT)

Did you heard a story about and it having a price tag of $2.8 million? The Internet of Things has become a very hot topic over the last couple years

I tried registering a few iot names earlier this year but they were all taken. Only interested in coms. is a good one and was available last time I checked and registered. If You have any question feel free to ask question by comments or over contact form

My history with domains


10 years ago i was started with selling domains.

Now i am not a millioner and it is still not my main job, but i am passionate of this market, it more hobby for me.

More details about domain and website

Below I present a few details abot the domain and website

Domain registration, whois

The iotcity domain name without dash is busy and was registered before (in 2010)

Website on WordPress

How many users are coming to the small WP website?

Website Statistics by Google Analytics


The domain: is for sale


If you have interest for domain, just look to my portfolio, you can find more domains from IoT trade:


Satio portfolio's on
Satio portfolio’s on







More info’s about domain’s cycle is here:

Cykl życia domen – kiedy domena będzie wolna?

Tom Sapletta

Author: Tom Sapletta

I connect the expiriences with new ideas. I have been passionate about computers and programming for 10 years. My first (micro) computer was ZX-Spectrum and the programming language was Basic. Since 2010, I have been programming professionally, objectively and functionally in monolithic and micro-service architectures. I am currently creating an ecosystem architecture at API foundation.