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I will present some ideas, how to go in area, new element of our life.

The podcast Industry

Podcast Industry Market Research Results



The podcasts are not new, but the market is growing up very quickly.

That’s why it is a time to ask question:

What benefits are coming in Podcast Market in the next Years?

The Podcasting Market Earns Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Because It’s Working


How Do You Edit and Produce an Audio Drama Podcast?


Tom Sapletta

Author: Tom Sapletta

I connect the expiriences with new ideas. I have been passionate about computers and programming for 10 years. My first (micro) computer was ZX-Spectrum and the programming language was Basic. Since 2010, I have been programming professionally, objectively and functionally in monolithic and micro-service architectures. I am currently creating an ecosystem architecture at API foundation.