Armbian Cubieboard on Marsboard

MarsBoard A10 is not supported by HAOYU Electronics, but is existing another distribution The Armbian Cubieboard which works good with Marsboard.

Below I present some solution which YOu can use on Your Marsboard A10.  The first product from HAOYU Electronics.

How to install Armbian Cubieboard on SD Card?


For writing the image we need for Windows Win32DiskImager utility, for Linux will use the standard dd command.
Writing image file by Win32DiskImager to the SD Card


After sucessfull completion of the writing insert your SD card in Marsboard and wait to load the image.

Armbian Cubieboard

first loging with default password on cubieboard debian

username: root

password: 1234

hostname: cubieboard

Checking version of linux

For systemd debian version you may also use hostnamectl:

 I got some errors after command: passwd -d $USER

passwd: existing lock file /etc/shadow.lock without a PID
passwd: cannot lock /etc/shadow; try again later.

Solution is:

Check that there’s a file called

sudo rm /etc/passwd.lock
sudo rm /etc/shadow.lock
sudo rm /etc/group.lock
sudo rm /etc/gshadow.lock

If yes remove them and try again.

If still is problem:

This can also be caused by running out of space on the root filesystem. Use strace to be sure.

sudo apt-get install strace


Armbian Configuration

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