A Tool to automatically generate PHPUnit tests?

How to generate php unit test automatically?

Today are existing solutions builded in IDE or existing as librariers or special tool.

I will try to present my own library, which can help to create:

  • files
  • class name
  • one method

In Php Storm is possible to create class and method, but it is not automatically.

In my PHP library is possible to create file with part of unittest class.

I will try find some solution for test the Datatype and more than one method.


Tom Sapletta

Author: Tom Sapletta

I connect the expiriences with new ideas. I have been passionate about computers and programming for 10 years. My first (micro) computer was ZX-Spectrum and the programming language was Basic. Since 2010, I have been programming professionally, objectively and functionally in monolithic and micro-service architectures. I am currently creating an ecosystem architecture at API foundation.